Why is Teamwork Important in the Workplace?

Teamwork is Essential in any Organization. But Why Exactly?

Over the past decades, the importance of teamwork has become a very talked about concept. Not just that but leaders, managers and bosses are now, more than ever, focused on hiring people who work well in a team, collaborate successfully and possess the right personalities and skills to be part of high-performing teams

In order to have a meaningful career, valuable work experience and a solid network of professionals you know you can rely on for help, you have to work well with others. That’s why being a productive team member is of utmost importance. 

There are many benefits to working in a team. Some say having great co-workers can help with reducing employee burnout levels. Others say that when people work together, it can create an energetic and highly-creative work environment where engagement, efficiency and communication thrive. Both reasons are valid and absolutely correct. But, there’s more.

The following article will tell us why is teamwork important in the workplace and how being in a team can benefit productivity and personal growth. Let’s go. 


What is Teamwork?


Before moving on to reasons explaining why is teamwork important, let’s first try to answer this basic question – what exactly is teamwork? 

To put it simply, it’s work that blends together the strengths (and sometimes weaknesses) of each team member so that they complement each other. In doing so, people are brought together with a great sense of comradeship and shared vision for the future. When team members apply their strengths, knowledge and skills in a common direction, goals and objectives are easily achieved.


When Does Effective Teamwork Occur?


  • When individuals use and develop their strengths and skills. When individual strengths are identified and it’s determined where and how they can be used within the team and organization, a team member can really flourish.

  • When people from the same team build strong relationships, feel comfortable with each other and even build friendships. When team members synchronize, team productivity is increased which ultimately leads to better results.

  • When team members work together to reach a common goal that will be beneficial for everyone. The pursuit of a purposeful goal can naturally lead to better team performance and improved teamwork. When meaningful and rewarding results are achieved, teamwork will constantly improve.

A team working together


Why is Teamwork Important in the Workplace?


We’ve all attended job interviews during which company people and HR representatives claim that the ability to work well with others is one of the most essential qualities they’re looking for in a candidate. They ask several questions with the goal of finding out whether that potential employee can truly bring something to the table where the rest of the team sits. For this reason, as well as the universal knowledge that teamwork is something really good, when we prepare our CVs or cover letters, we never forget to mention (and sometimes even exaggerate) our superb teamwork skills and how well we collaborate with other people. 

We have this well-established concept of teamwork and know how important it is from a general perspective. However, do we really understand the importance of teamwork? Is it something we should care about that much? The following section of the article will answer the burning question – why is teamwork important in the workplace? 


✔️ Improved Work Efficiency and Productivity

Teams work more efficiently, leading to better results and higher productivity levels. When teams work together towards a common goal, this can lead to reduced costs, greater profitability and many other company benefits. 

Also, when there’s a task at hand, especially a challenging one, a collective effort can complete it faster. Not just that but everyone can bring their unique insight or an idea that can help tackle the problem.

To sum it up, through good teamwork, employees can split difficult tasks into simpler ones and work together to complete them faster. Moreover, employees will develop specialized skills so that the best person for the task can do it better and faster in the future. 

✔️ Learning Opportunities

Learning from each other’s mistakes and successes is one of the most important reasons why is teamwork important in the workplace. This way, team members will avoid future mistakes, gain valuable insight and experience and learn new concepts and methods from more experienced colleagues. 

In addition, individuals will inevitably expand their knowledge and skills set, as well as discover fresh ideas from newer colleagues. This active knowledge exchange boosts employee engagement, capacity to problem solve, idea generation, encouragement and most importantly, higher efficiency and effectiveness levels. 

✔️ Diverse Perspectives and Feedback

Getting feedback from your colleagues, as well as providing it is absolutely essential for the success of the team. Effective communication and brainstorming sessions can increase the overall productivity and problem-solving skills of the whole team. Sharing different perspectives, opinions and experiences can strengthen accountability and help with improving the decision-making process. A team environment that is welcoming feedback and innovation is an environment where everyone can thrive.

✔️ Sharing Workload Helps With Reducing Stress and Experiencing Burnout 

There are many factors that can contribute to employee burnout. However, when team members help each other with work and provide emotional support, the levels of burnout can be reduced. Team members understand the demands and stress of completing work. Therefore, they can take a little bit of that load you are carrying and thus complete the task faster and better. 

When colleagues have each other’s back, they become loyal, productive and eager to come to work every day. This is, without doubt, very beneficial for the organization. It’s always great to know that if you’re not feeling your best, there will always be someone to cover you while you take some time off.

✔️ Personal Self-Growth

There is no “I” in team, however being part of a team will inevitably help you grow. Remember, you and your colleagues are essentially cross training each other. You are sharing knowledge, experience and opinions. You are also learning from each other’s mistakes and successes and in doing so, each individual team member can flourish. 

If you think teamwork is not important to you and you keep asking yourself why is teamwork important in the workplace, think about your colleagues and what you learned from them. Maybe someone suggested you try out a new tool that you’re using every day now or a colleague changed your mind about a particular methodology or ways of completing a task. When you start rewinding, you will see how important a great team is for personal development and self-growth.

✔️ Healthy Competition

Teamwork can create healthy competition which is definitely a good thing. Once each team member has mastered the way a company operates and they’ve all learnt all they can from each other, they’ll soon start to compete for incentives such as promotion. 

If managers and team leaders are overseeing the competition levels within the team and everything is within reasonable amounts, there should be no problem promoting competition. Team performance will surely improve because of it. 


team members having fun


Being part of a team is one thing. Having teamwork and team members you can rely on, communicate with effectively and learn valuable lessons from is a whole other thing. 

In the past few years, working from home has become the new norm which changed the way we work in a team. We don’t see our colleagues every day and the channels of communication are different. Still, the above-mentioned reasons explaining why is teamwork important are valid even in this new work environment. 

At the end of the day, if you’re incapable of working effectively in a team, regardless of whether it’s a remote team or not, you won’t be able to develop your creativity or implement innovative ideas. Your ability to problem solve will be reduced and the chances of a successful company hiring you will remain slim. 


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