Why is Meeting Management Important? How to Manage Meetings Effectively with Modern Software?

Successfully organizing and assembling a group of people with shared interests and a common goal, usually in a formal setting is known as meeting management. And the ability to plan and organize a well-structured meeting, involving productive discussions and positive outcomes for a business or an organization is known as meeting management skill.

There are various types of meetings that occur on a regular basis within an organization. From a daily huddle meeting to official board of directors meetings, meetings play an integral role in the future of any project, team and company. According to research, the average person spends about 12 hours per week preparing or attending meetings. The hours are even more if you’re part of the upper management team. We can clearly conclude that regardless of your role, position or responsibilities within an organization, meetings will always constitute a significant part of your professional life. And since they are so important and you will have to attend or run countless meetings throughout your career, you should definitely learn how to become an expert in meeting management.

Don’t worry! If meetings are not your favorite thing to do and you consider them a total waste of time, the following article will definitely help you see things from another perspective. We will talk about meeting management and why it is so important. Not just that but we will tell you how you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your next business meeting. Stick with us till the end!


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Why is Meeting Management Important?

Simply put, meeting management is important because without knowing how to prepare, organize, run and get the most out of it, a meeting will be unproductive and a total waste of time (and we all know that time is money.) Meetings are a means for communication and collaboration. Through meetings teams get up to date with what’s going on in an organization, get personal assignments, participate in a decision-making process and get a sense of belonging. 

If meetings are so important then the ability to manage them effectively is just as important. The more organized a meeting is, the lesser time will be wasted. The better a meeting is run, the higher productivity and revenues for the organization. 

Whether you are the meeting leader or one of the attendees, having good meeting management skills means contributing to the meeting and its effectiveness. If everyone involved in a business meeting contributes with good communication, superb time-management skills, ability to follow an established agenda and understanding of how precious time is for everyone, meetings can become the ultimate source of employee morale, satisfaction and teamwork. 


What are the Characteristics of a Good Meeting?


For a meeting to be successful, it should include the following:

  • A meeting agenda, prepared ahead of time and distributed to the attendees before the meeting.
  • A designated note-taker to record attendees, key decisions, meeting minutes, action items, etc. 
  • Starting and ending time. 
  • Time-bound agenda items / topics.
  • No device-policy.
  • Positive attitude by the meeting leader and attendees. 
  • Good preparation by the meeting leader and attendees.
  • Attendees should be attentive, involved and respect each other’s time and opinion.
  • The meeting leader takes into consideration diverse points of views to reach a final decision.
  • The meeting leader limits discussion only to agenda items and closely monitors the allotted time for each agenda topic. If an issue, not included in the agenda, rises, the meeting leader sets up a follow-up meeting. 
  • A meeting follow-up email is sent to all attendees and stakeholders, as well as team members who were not able to attend but are involved in the project. The email usually features the meeting minutes, as well as any other additional files or information. 


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How to Improve Your Meetings with Modern Software?


Technology became an inseparable part of our professional and personal lives. Almost each aspect of our professional lives is associated with technology of some sort. Whether it’s your note-taking app, your project management software or any other industry-specific tool, you probably can’t imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have our computers and online tools. 

When it comes to meeting management, fortunately, there are great tools you can use to boost the productivity and efficiency of your next team meeting. One such revolutionary meeting management tool is Mombit. Mombit allows companies and organizations to conduct any type of meeting while utilizing a set of appealing features, making the meeting ten times more productive. 


Go back one paragraph. We told you about the characteristics of a good meeting. Tools like Mombit do all that for you and that’s the beauty of it. With it you can:


  • Attend as many meetings as you want and invite as many people as you want.
  • Utilize built-in meetings minutes which you can send to all attendees once the meeting is over.
  • Calculate meeting ROI.
  • Keep track of action items and assignments.
  • Synch with project management tools, such as Asana or Jira.
  • Generate a link to a virtual meeting conference room with just one click.


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How to Improve Your Meeting Management Skills?


Not every meeting can be perfectly organized, planned and executed. You have a room full of different people with different thoughts, communication styles and personalities. Every now and then you have to expect a little disruption or someone going off-topic. Even a meeting management tool can’t fully promise undivided attention from your employees. Don’t worry, though. There are a few things everyone can do to improve their meeting management skills. 


  1. Staying on topic should be a priority. Leading a meeting is difficult as it is. Imagine having a group of team members who start talking about something that’s not on the agenda and all of a sudden the meeting hour is over. You end up with no tasks assigned, no decisions made and an hour of your precious time wasted. That’s why you should make sure no one stays away from the agenda. Frequently remind attendees of the meeting objectives, progress and items that should be addressed. Be strict, if needed. After all, you have a business to run and that doesn’t include talking about the weather in a business meeting.

  2. Preparation is key. As mentioned, that includes the agenda. Send the agenda in advance to all the participants so that everyone knows what and how to prepare for the meeting. Who will address each topic? What is the time and location of the meeting? What are the main objectives of the meeting? Don’t leave a single detail out.

  3. Find the best time to conduct a meeting and stick to it. Are you sure scheduling that right-after-lunch project team meeting is a good idea? Well, it’s not. According to many researches, the worst time to conduct a business meeting is right after lunch hour. 8:30AM in the morning? That’s also a poor choice for meeting time. The best time to conduct a meeting is on Tuesday at 3PM. Talk to your team about it or conduct a survey.

  4. Be exclusive. Invite only people you really need to attend the meeting. Yes, it’s great to be an inclusive boss or manager and follow that “I want to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions” mindset. However, in some cases that mindset can ruin your meeting. Meetings are about decision-making and problem-solving. If the topic, project or expertise is not relevant to everyone, don’t invite everyone.

  5. Consider stand-up meetings as an alternative to round-up meetings at the conference room. Stand-ups have become quite popular these days. Employees become more engaged and focused when everyone is standing up, on their feet and nothing conveys urgency like being on your feet during a team meeting. With no place to sit, every piece of information is conveyed and discussed faster and more effectively. 


Final Words

Meeting management is a crucial skill to develop as it can lead to a tremendous amount of success for the team and for the company. A solid preparation, time-bound agenda, mutual respect, communication skills and a meeting management software can do wonders for your next business meeting. The most important thing to remember from this article is that you should never underestimate the weight of a meeting. If you do so, any meeting you attend or run will become a waste of everyone’s time and that’s how you can easily ruin a business. Appreciate time and do your best to fill it with goal-oriented discussions. 



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