Why Should You Invest in a Meeting Management Software

Workplace meetings are one of the most essential components of today’s business world. Whether it’s team meetings, business meetings, board of directors meetings or a regular daily huddle meeting, a huge percentage of our daily work lives is dedicated to meetings. Why is that? What makes meetings so important that we have to spend such a huge chunk of time on them? 

Simply put, meetings provide the opportunity for team members to communicate, share important information and updates, solve problems, resolve workplace conflicts, build teamwork, improve performance levels and move projects forward. Not just that but meetings also provide a stage for team members to share their innovative ideas and brainstorm creative solutions for problems. Last but not least, during meetings managers and team leaders communicate their expectations, needs and wants from the team members. 

Organizational culture, views and attitude towards meetings is what drives the consistency, efficiency and success (or lack thereof) of team meetings. Unfortunately, we’ve all had our fair share of badly-organized meetings, run by unprepared meeting leaders, following no agenda and simply wasting precious company resources. Since meetings are the backbone of any organizations, having an unproductive and highly disappointing meeting can do more harm than good to any business. 

That’s why in recent years, many companies and businesses have turned to modern meeting management software to solve the problem of unproductive and inefficient business meetings. In today’s digital world, however, there’s no surprise that such software exists and that so many companies chose to integrate it into their meeting habits. 

The main idea behind using a software for meeting management is to reduce time, money and effort in preparing, conducting and reporting meetings manually. Moreover, a meeting management tool simplifies every step of the meeting management process, including scheduling, distributing agendas and meeting minutes, inviting attendees and keeping track of action items and assignees. Ignoring any step in that process means that your business meeting is just a gathering of people with no beneficial outcome for anyone. Imagine the losses and bad ROI for your company if meetings are unproductive. 

Last but not least, the best meeting management software includes just the right set of features and characteristics to provide businesses with the opportunity to boost performance, save time, control return of investment and conduct efficient meetings. 


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So, what are the reasons why you should definitely invest in a meeting management software? 


  • Save Time and Money

Sitting through a two-hour meeting with all team members and leaving it with no idea what you’re supposed to do is a colossal waste of company resources. Ineffective meeting means that instead of completing tasks and moving forward with a project, your employees lost precious time for absolutely nothing. 

By streamlining the entire meeting management process, however, a software allows businesses and organizations to save time, money and effort. How can a tool do that you ask? Well, when everything you need in order to prepare, conduct and report on meetings is a click away from you and you’re guided by built-in functionalities that require little of you (except showing up and sticking to the agenda), you can certainly save time and money. 


  • Improve Employee Productivity and Efficiency

Preparing for a business meeting involves multiple steps. You have to prepare an agenda, distribute it among attendees, make sure everyone knows and understand the time and the purpose of the meeting. You also have to prepare meeting minutes and send them to the attendees (and all stakeholders and attendees who couldn’t get to the meeting) after the meeting is over. The best meeting management software does all that for you. Forget about going through folders and looking for the right templates and forget about sending emails with agendas, notes, etc. A meeting management tool gives you the opportunity to utilize built-in meeting minutes and agenda. All you need to do is fill them out with attendees’ names and action items and assignments. Once the meeting is over, the system will automatically send an email to everyone, including the meeting minutes. 


  • Calculate Meeting ROI

Modern meeting management software lets you calculate the ROI of your meeting. Knowing the ROI of your meeting means gaining understanding of how the meeting will affect the actual on-the-task behavior which (naturally) correlates with the performance of the entire company or organization. Meeting ROI calculator is an innovative functionality which also measures the participants’ reactions to the meeting and what information and knowledge was gained. 


  • Perfect for Managing Teams Remotely

If you’re managing a global team, a meeting management software is a must to have. With such a tool, you can schedule meetings with a click, send invitations, track action items and assignments and easily integrate it with the project management app your team is already familiar with. 

Communication is the lifeblood of remote teamwork. To make sure that every work-related detail is communicated and delivered, a meeting management tool allows you to use meeting minutes templates which represent a written record of everything that happened during the meeting. 



Use Mombit for Efficient Meeting Management 

Mombit is a revolutionary meeting management software that gives you the unique opportunity to experience all of the above-mentioned benefits of such a tool without having to think about cost. 

Mombit is a smart and easy-to-navigate meeting management tool that automates all the tedious activities, surrounding the scheduling, preparing, running and following-up on a meeting. Meeting minutes, agendas, action items, a direct link to a meeting room and instant integration with project management apps like Asana or Jira are done electronically, in real time. 

With Mombit you save time and money, reduce your stress levels and boost the productivity and efficiency of your team. Mombit can be easily integrate into any organization or company’s daily work life and does not require any software download. 


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